Mechanical Working

Impossible not to specialize in machining when the design and manufacturing of the molds is the focus of its business. Our staff and our machinery park allow us to be highly qualified interlocutors in the realization of operations functional to their realization and timely and effective supports in solving even the most particular problems: turning, 5 axis milling, wire EDM and plunge , micro drilling, TIG welding, sandblasting, mirror polishing, but also grinding operations have no secrets for us.


It is the mechanical workmanship of precision, the one that avoids smudging and focuses on the details: the turning is in fact used to make truncated cone molds, but also flanges, bearing seats and other products that require attention and care. An operation that our staff performs daily thanks to the use of highly performing machinery able to better support their capacity gained through years of experience in the field.

5-axis milling

When the shape of the piece is complex, the possibility of orienting the tool with 5 axes allows to speed up the milling operation, to save movements and fixtures of the piece and, consequently, to reduce costs. 5-axis milling is the perfect mechanical machining that our technicians perform to meet structured requirements for which experience and technology must go hand in hand.

Wire EDM

To execute with maximum precision profiles from grooved surfaces, the solution is wire EDM that allows cutting very hard materials such as hardened steels and hard metal. A hyper-technical processing that allows to obtain super thin and deep cracks that are otherwise not realizable. An operation of the latest generation that makes it easier to create, for example, molds for agriculture and the security sector, molds for furniture and molds for the hydraulic sector.

Plunge EDM

This process, which uses the current to remove the material, is used to create very thin and deep slots that the cutter would not be able to achieve. His merit? Give the piece a satin finish with a modifiable roughness according to the current. An aesthetic advantage that is then reflected in the molds avoiding the need to resort to further operations such as photoengraving or laser engraving. We study the best solution to create molds that are functional and aesthetically appealing, able to meet the needs of the customer without saving quality and technique.


Creating a hole in which to insert the wire for machining on wire EDM is the goal of micro-drilling, which aims to remove material using electrical discharges. Applicable also on hardened or hard metal steels, it allows to realize holes with small diameters but of considerable depth. Precision, technique, specific skills: each process comes from the harmonization of knowledge and skills. That's why we work daily to improve and improve our performance.

TIG Welding

TIG welding (Tungsten Inert Gas) arc welding process with an infusible (tungsten) electrode, is one of the most common methods for making high quality joints and for repairing orphan molds of material as a result of wear or crushing. An excellent processing that requires highly specialized operators. Our performance stems from continuous training: because the value of a company is made by its men.

Precision mechanics

The value of a product can be read in the accuracy of its work, in the details that define it, in the details that qualify it. Precision mechanics - turning and milling of unique mechanical parts or in small series of the most diverse materials (steel, aluminum, bronze, brass, copper and plastic materials) - is the art that gives body to realizations that make exactness the their rule. Rigor, method, care: it takes effort when the requests are aimed at perfection. We have not known this philosophy for 40 years.


It is sufficient to spray a particularly fine sand on the surface of a piece of metal at a pressure defined inside a machine to give it a satin appearance depending on the size of the operation. A process able to give an aluminum mold a less artificial aspect. Support, advise, assist: for each mechanical processing our staff is at your side to define the best procedures to achieve the objective prefix.

Mirror Polish

To obtain a shiny surface on which to reflect, obtaining an effect of maximum gloss on the printed piece or of transparency if the injected material is colorless: mirror polishing is the mechanical processing that allows it thus allowing the best performance of the finished product. Every mechanical processing requires a method to lead to a qualitatively impeccable result. The rules and experience have allowed us to develop in-depth knowledge over the years, but every job is a test for us.


Making surfaces perfectly smooth and smooth with a very low roughness through the abrasion of a rotating grinding wheel is possible thanks to this particular process that makes precision its dominant feature. An operation that is fundamental for the perfect functioning of the mold. We never leave anything to chance: every procedure, every operation is carried out in the sign of perfection. Because the details are the difference.