Mold Production

The design and construction of molds for plastic materials is, since our birth, more than one work. It is a passion that, over the years, has led us to specialize. A challenge that every day we try to win by putting in place our skills, the knowledge gained through years of experimentation and research. But it is above all a satisfaction. Because every mold tells a story and talks about a project. Whether it's molds for the food industry, molds for the household sector, toys, cosmetics, but also molds for furniture, plumbing or packaging, each opens up a world that we also have helped create. If the molds for plastic thermoforming and injection molding for plastic materials are our strength, their design and repair are our flagships.

Molds for Thermoforming

Particularly suitable for very light and simple articles, without undercuts or complex shapes, plastic thermoforming molds are designed to make, for example, containers for yogurt, plastic dishes and glasses, trays. We follow each phase of realization carefully, suggesting the most suitable production process for the best performance. Whether it is made directly from the leaf reel or starting from the plastic granule and then transformed with an extruder into a leaf, the method we apply is always the result of a careful evaluation and a feasibility analysis aimed at the most suitable result. Whether it is molds for the food industry and for the household sector, of molds for cosmetics or molds for packaging.

Plastic Drilling Molds

When the article to be printed is particularly complex or requires greater thicknesses, the method to be used is injection, suitable for molds made of steel, hardened steel or aluminum. A complex procedure that requires the use of technologically advanced machinery and highly trained personnel. The result is molds destined for the most diverse sectors - molds for agriculture, toys, molds for the security sector and for the plant engineering, food ... - and able to best respond to their function.

Mold repair

Eliminate imperfections, modify a mold to make the creation of a project more functional. Only in this way, even in the absence of drawings, can it be possible to reconstruct its history and give it new life. Disassembling, repairing, adjusting manually or using specific products has resulted from our specialization The ability to give a new look to a mold is an "other" product that goes beyond the experience. Request vision. We have matured it for over 40 years.