Mold Desing

A technical office with 4 latest-generation workstations; Cimatron-E 13 CAD software and Autocad for 2D; a staff of specialists trained in the design of molds, the use of machine tools and the assembly and testing of molds: from us, the design of a mold is only the initial phase of a process that will mark the success of a project. For this reason, the development of every type of product - molds for agriculture, molds for the food industry, molds for the household sector, molds for toys, molds for the security sector, molds for cosmetics, molds for furniture, molds for the plumbing sector, molds for packaging, we take the utmost care and reserve all our creativity. With us, a designer is never just a designer: he is a technician able to bring all his experience in the project to find the perfect solution. Because a good job always comes from harmonization.